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What Employers Need to Do

The Affordable Care Act requires employers subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act, including restaurants, to provide written notice to employees about new government-run health care “exchanges,” or marketplaces.

The notice must:

  • tell employees about the exchange in their state and how to access it.
  • inform employees that they may qualify for tax credits or other help from the government to buy a plan through an exchange.
  • let employees know that plans bought on the exchange won’t have the same tax benefits as employer-sponsored coverage.

Employers are required to give new employees notice within 14 days of the employee’s start date, according to guidance from the Department of Labor. (Employers were required to provide notice to all existing employees as of Oct. 1, 2013.)

How We Make It Easy For You

The NRA has developed a Notification Tool that makes it simple for our members to comply with the health care law's employee-notification requirement. 

Our online tool helps you inform your employees about exchanges, as federal law requires, and keep records of employees who have read and understood the required notice. The Notification Tool provides:

A website to educate your employees
  • Employees can access the written notice templates provided by the Department of Labor for employers who offer coverage and for those who do not
  • Employers can choose between standard and branded portals:
    • Our standard portal includes all the information in Part A of the DOL’s exchange model notice. We pre-populate the notice with DOL’s model language – all the language you need to ensure compliance with the law. Once you sign up, you’ll refer your employees to the site, and they’ll get the notice that meets the law’s requirements.
    • Our branded portal takes you a step further. Co-brand the site with your company’s logo, and include optional information for your employees to take to exchanges to apply for health plans, such as employer contact information and details on your health plan if you offer one. This version includes all the information in Parts A and B of the DOL’s model notice.
  • A simple process for employees to learn about the exchange notice
  • Opportunity for employees to enroll in benefits (coming soon)

Simplified reporting and record keeping
  • Provide the required written notice to your employees
  • Track and report which employees read and understood the FLSA exchange notice
  • Download and save records of employees who’ve read the written notice

Opportunity for employees to enroll in benefits
  • Individual Health Insurance
  • Dental
  • Telemedicine
  • And more!