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NRA Resources

The National Restaurant Association provides these additional resources to help you in learning about the health care law and the programs available to you.
Health Care Knowledge Center
The National Restaurant Association developed our Health Care Knowledge Center to help you understand Health Care Reform, which was approved by Congress and signed into law in 2010.

Our Health Care Knowledge Center also explains how the new health care law may affect you and your valued employees, and what actions you can take to address the new law and wellness. And because the health and wellness of your staffs are so important to our members’ success, we’ve teamed with UnitedHealthcare to provide our members, large and small, with accessible and comprehensive wellness plans.

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Employer Marketplace
The National Restaurant Association Health Care HQ has created an Employer Benefits Marketplace to offer a comprehensive suite of health care insurance programs for its members and their employees.

This unique program is built around the needs of the restaurant industry. Through our partnership with companies like UnitedHealthcare, we are able to provide access to essential tools and health care options, often at significant discounts.

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Employee Marketplace
The Edge Benefits Marketplace was designed to offer coverage specifically for the restaurant industry employee. Offering enhanced access to the federal exchange products, subsidies and premium assistance, the Edge benefits marketplace makes shopping for health care as easy as possible.

With our partnerships with eHealth and UnitedHealthcare, we are able to provide individuals with a large selection of quality plans and the best rates available and the options to shop and compare or shop direct. A comprehensive range of benefits including core medical coverage, supplemental coverage and ancillary benefits are all available through the Edge benefits marketplace—a one stop shop for all health care.

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